September 24th 2019Worm Count Clinics – Partnering with Endo Equine

We are partnering with Sandy Robertson from Endo Equine who visits our site and tests whilst she is here so you get the results the same day, sometimes whilst your wait (depending on demand).  Our last two clinics working together have been incredibly popular.  TFM and Endo Equine are very keen to encourage and promote worm counts rather than routinely worming.

All anthelmintics are now showing signs of resistance and with no new products coming through it’s vital that we protect the products we have available to us by using them correctly.

Owners ideally want to worm count or saliva test (tapeworm) so they are only worming if they need to worm rather than worming unnecessarily.  Remember you are managing a worm burden in a horse s0 you may not need to worm at all.  If the test comes back positive then bring your report into TFM so we can target the exact worms with the required product.  The worm count clinic is £8.50 per sample.  If worming is required then a £1 discount is available for wormers purchased from TFM before 31st October.

A sample can be brought in a sealed bag (something like a freezer bag is ideal).  TFM can take samples at the end of the day before the Clinic and store them in a fridge or from 8am on the day of the clinic.  Sandy will email your results the same day.

It is important you accurately dose your horse.  If you would like a yard visit to have our horse weighed then please speak to us.  We may well be able to arrange for Sandy to visit your yard or for one of our feed merchants to visit, weigh your horses and provide nutritional advice as well as occasionally feed vouchers.