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Nikki joined the family business in June 2014 and is now responsible for the running of TFM. She holds an SQP qualification for prescribing parasite treatments to horses, poultry, dogs, cats and rabbits as well as being a qualified dog nutritionist. Prior to joining the family business she was a Prince 2 Practitioner Project Manager for a National IT Print Solutions company following 13 years in the motor trade working for Jaguar, Land Rover, VW and Audi. Nikki really enjoys working with the Team of 23 staff, she enjoys looking after them and the TFM customers (four legged and two). Her dogs Saffie, Monty and Bracken all come to work and share her office along with Meg (the Grand Dog), you may see them dragging her through the shop as they love a run in our paddock. Nikki is currently working towards her Farm SQP qualification.

LouiseHire Supervisor

Louise is Assistant Manager at TFM. She rejoined the business in July 2022 after several years working in HR and prior to that undertaking her degree at Sheffield Hallam. Louise used to work at TFM through the holidays covering staff when she was a student and has really enjoyed returning to the family business. When Frank (Grandad) became ill he wanted Louise to be promoted to Assistant Manager. At the time Nikki felt it was too soon as she had only rejoined the business the previous summer however, when Frank's illness and subsequent passing took Nikki out of the business for three weeks, Louise along with the whole Team really stepped up to the plate. Nikki acknowledged that Louise was not only ready for this promotion but had earned it. Louise is already putting her stamp on the business and is enjoying a more supportive role working alongside her Mum.

Ana-MariaBook Keeper/Accounts

Ana-Maria joined us in January 2021 after her predecessor (Ian) retired. She brought with her 25 years experience in the finance, business support and office management as well as a strong knowledge of Sage. Previously, Ana has worked at British Growers Association, Branston Ltd (previously Branston Potatoes) and Frontier Agriculture. As a result of her experience, her input into the development of the business and accounts, particularly as TFM has grown, has helped Frank and Nikki immensely. Ana has fitted into the team well and we are very grateful to have her on board. She works very well with Emma, our Purchasing Supervisor. She absolutely adores her cat and 'grand dog'. By a strange twist of fate Ana-Maria and Nikki used to work together in the late 1980's in a Lincoln Travel Agents so they knew each other as teenagers.

EmmaPurchasing Supervisor

Purchasing Supervisor is no easy task with well over 5,500 product lines to manage. Emma joined us in July 2017 when she came to us with industry experience. She owns Roo (pony), two dogs, chickens, quail, a sheep and several miniature ponies which she has competed with. Emma holds her SQP/RAMA qualification for equine and companion animal. She became one of our first BETA qualified hat and body protector fitters some years ago as well as holding an Extended Diploma in Horse Management Level 3 (360 UCAS), working towards her Level 4 in Equine Nutrition. Emma is a hugely valued member of the Team and we are grateful for her support. It was a huge leap of faith when the business gave Emma freedom to increase the TFM equine offering and one which has been more than justified with her success.

LucyGoods In & Administrator

Lucy has more than proved her worth to the business. Joining us four years ago as an Apprentice Shop Assistant she's gone on to earn herself promotions as Shop Assistant, Supervisor and now our Goods In Supervisor and Business Administrator. Lucy is a qualified SQP for companion and equine animals as well as a hat and body protector fitter, she is also able to fit dog harnesses and coats. Lucy has completed her Level 3 Equine Nutrition qualification, can make up hydraulic pipes and holds a forklift licence . . . so she will willingly turn her hand to anything the business needs. Lucy is a true organiser who has the attention to detail and thoroughness that her job requires. Nikki is grateful to have her when she's taken on rota's which for 24 staff members covering seven days a week has become a logistical nightmare which Lucy manages exceptionally well!

MichelleLaboratory Co-Ordinator

Michelle joined us from Bransby Horses with significant experience and qualifications in the equine world (BSc Equine Science - Upper Second Class Honours and an SQP/RAMA). She heads up TFM Labs providing equestrian customers with advice and support providing a low cost, quick turnaround worm count service for horse owners. In light of the resistance issues being faced by the equine industry, we feel it is vital to protect the products available. The future of anthelmintic resistance issues rely very heavily on those prescribing doing their job. Michelle is leading TFM with a high ethical stance on equestrian worming and we are supporting her all the way. Her knowledge, training and expertise to cross train internally and promote an ethical stance on all worming is very valued. All her work is recorded and providing valuable data which supports the national findings.


Stuart joined us Summer 2020 when he chose to return 'to his roots'. He started his career at a business very similar to TFM. After a life working in the pharmaceuticals and agricultural business, most recently as a Virbac National Key Account Manager, he decided to adjust his work/life balance and focus on his Arab Stud farm whilst still keeping a hand in the industry at TFM. As a result of his many years experience, he's brought a wealth of business acumen and knowledge from the pharmaceutical industry which just makes our Team even stronger. Stuart is our most qualified SQP/RAMA, able to prescribe parasite treatments to farm animals, equines and companion animals (eg dogs, cats and rabbits). Farm is a new qualification to add portfolio of SQP's/RAMA's so it takes TFM into a whole new area. We may currently have to order your farm parasite medication in but we can usually get the stock within the week and we aim to improve this as that side of the business grows. We are hoping to add to our team of Farm SQP's.


Lynn joined us in 2020 and is now one of our trained dog nutritionists. She has previously worked as a Receptionist at LincVet, holds a BSc (Hons) 2:1 in Animal Science as well as a MSc in Animal Behaviour. Lynn has also gained her AMTRA SQP/RAMA qualification for companion, avian and equine SQP (enabling her to prescribe wormers and flea treatment) as well as completing her BCCS Level 3 in Canine Health and Nutrition qualification (Distinction). She has experience of owing a wide variety of animals including a horse, Labrador, cat, guinea pigs, rabbits, igana, chickens plus aviary birds and I'm sure there are more I've forgotten! Lynn has also taken on some of the Lab work for equine worm counts. This is something she has previous trained on as part of her degree and has enjoyed getting involved in Michelle's development work in this area of the business. Her knowledge, qualifications and experience make her a very capable, knowledgeable, respected and well liked member to the Team.

Laura KMerchandising Supervisor

Laura K joined us in Spring 2022 with a wealth of experience in merchandising as she has previously spent many years working for the Arcadia Group and front of house at Ragdale Hall. After Laura started, many of you noticed the changes within the shop, plus our presence at more local shows and events with an improved stand and layout. She also increased our proactivity and performance on social media platforms. Laura has a farming husband (dairy farm), four dogs and previously owned ducks and chickens so she's broadening the experience we have on the Team. Her eye for improving the aesthetics at TFM including layout, shelf designs and displays is great as we don't always have the time to present things as nicely as they could be. Laura also reached out to Fresh Start for Hens and now TFM are a handover point for ex-commercial laying chickens being adopted out by the charity. Laura is currently enjoying maternity leave and we look forward to welcoming her back in 2024 after the birth of her little girl.

GeorgiaSenior Shop Assistant

Georgia joined us over four years ago and holds a 2:1 BSc in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. She is a qualified SQP/RAMA and part of our TFM Labs Team carrying out faecal egg worm counts. We are exceptionally proud of Georgia for recently winning a national award at the AHDA conference in Birmingham where she gained top marks nationally for her examination results in both equine and companion animal over TWO years. Georgia is also completing her Level 3 dog nutrition qualification but is already more than capable of supporting owners on dog nutrition after her years of working here. In addition, she has attended training courses in dog handling, harnesses fitting whilst at TFM and is one of our regular 'go to' harness fitters. Georgia has been involved in handling dogs in rescue for over 10 years and those hands on skills are invaluable when fitting harnesses to dogs in store. Georgia grew up surrounded by poultry, rabbits, dogs and cats and is now 'owned' by two beautiful Maine Coon rescue cats - Theo and Harry.

Laura TSenior Shop Assistant

Laura joined us in the Summer of 2022. She wanted to find a job to work around her further education after previously spending her career breaking in horses. Whilst Laura has now completed the further education she has remained at TFM and we are grateful to have her on the Team. She's had almost 30 years working in the equine industry and has previously worked at Bransby Horses. As a result, Laura has a wealth of equine experience we can draw on and which means she's invaluable with her knowledge to support TFM customers. Laura is a horse owner (Bella and Kiki) and a regular rider. Laura has completed her SQP/RAMA training and has already passed her base and viva (the harder modules) with results due in the next few weeks for her equine and companion animal qualifications. Already a BETA qualified hat and body protector fitter, she's a very valued member of our Team with her knowledge, experience and strong work ethic. Laura is a great person to go to for help, support and advice on most horse related issues.

BeckySenior Shop Assistant

Becky joined us in April 2021 after working at Kettlethorpe Sports Horses and The Tack Box in Lincoln. She holds a Foundation Degree in Equine Sports Coaching and a BSc in Equine Sports Coaching. Becky also undertaken a 'Bit and Bitting' with Neue Schule academy before joining TFM. Since joining us Becky has gone on to do additional 'Bit and Bitting' Lorinery training with BETA along with Hat and Body Protector fitting. Becky has achieved her SQP/RAMA qualifications enabling her to prescribe parasite treatments for equines and companion animals (eg dogs, cats and rabbits). As Michelle is currently on maternity leave, Becky is covering her role within the TFM Lab carrying out equine faecal egg worm counts and following up with any prescriptions that maybe required as well as tracking data to support Michelle's work. Becky adores her Vizsla, Joey' and her competes with her two horses, Hammie (semi retired) and Baby 'P'. Becky is a well liked member of the Team, dynamic and always enthusiastic so she's great to have on board.

HeidiSenior Shop Assistant

Heidi joined us in January 2019. Her experience includes owning dogs, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, reptiles and fish. Heidi is a qualified SQP/RAMA which enables her to advise and prescribe on parasite treatments for equestrian and companion animals eg cats, dogs and rabbits. She is also a trained dog nutritionist and is undertaking her Level 5 equine nutrition qualification. Whilst at TFM, Heidi has also trained to become a BETA qualified hat and body protector fitter, a dog harness fitter as well as undertaking courses in lorinery (bit and bitting). With her love and diverse knowledge of so many different animals, she is a valued member of the Team. Heidi has recently returned to education undertaking a Science based degree and works mainly at weekends now.

PippaShop Assistant

Pippa joined us January 2023 and has brought with her a wealth of experience including animal and horticultural. Pippa has been a horse owner for over 20 years and currently owns Freya, Maisie and Indie. Previously she has also owned dogs, chickens and ducks. Before life at TFM, Pippa had her own Garden Design business which she successfully ran for almost ten years but life changes and Covid brought her to TFM where we will very much embrace her horticultural knowledge in our newly expanded gardening area. Pippa has worked with Nikki on improving the gardening offering at TFM. She's already become a huge asset to our Team, always happy to help with a ready smile and eager to learn to help our customers. We hope we have her on our Team for many years to come.

DanWarehouse Operations

Dan joined us in September 2020 as our forklift driver and shelf stacker but was later promoted to be our Warehouse Operations Co-Ordinator. He works closely with our Purchasing Supervisor organising our warehouse storage. His main role is unloading lorries, ensures our shelves are topped up with feed and keeping the yard stock organised. A normal day involves walking over 30,000 steps plus lifting a few tons of 20kg feed bags . . . and he until recently he used to bike several miles to work! He's previously worked in similar roles in much larger organisations so brought several years experience to TFM. You will also see Dan covering the TFM Hire team on occasions. He is a very well liked member of the team who always has a smile on his face and happy to help anyone.

PeteStore Person

Pete has over 24 years’ experience at TFM so he's pretty much part of the family. He has seen the many changes the business has undergone over the last two decades. He has a wide knowledge of our products and what is available to our customers, particularly with the hardware, agriculture and parts side of the business. Pete can make up hydraulic pipes, drive the forklift and supports Dan managing the Warehouse stock so he works in more of a hybrid role between the shop and the warehouse now and as a result shifts some serious weight in feed both in and out the shop. Pete is a keen Lincoln supporter so regular football banter is heard over the TFM counter! Unflappable, reliable and always ready with the cheeky banter.

AlanGeneral Maintenance / Hire

Alan original joined us a Shop Assistant a couple of years ago, but we soon realised he can turn his hand to anything and does. His main role is to carry out general maintenance on the premises and he has recently completed some work with Laura K on refurbishing areas of the shop to improve the available. Alan also covers Tony and Dan so you may well see him delivering hire equipment and feed, topping up the shelves, unloading lorries and maintaining hire equipment. His previous experience was working for an equestrian events company so he's a dab hand at assisting Laura K building items for show and shop displays. Alan is semi retired but do not ever under estimate him as he is fitter then many men half his age!

MadiShop Assistant

Madi joined us as work experience from Riseholme College for her Equine Management L3 course. It didn't take long for us to realise what a gem she was. We approached her to ask if she would join the team as paid staff and we were very happy she accepted. Madi own two horses (Tia and Rosie) and has a couple of family dogs (Nala and Olive) at home. Madi has a very strong work ethic and her confidence has come on some way in the short time she's been with us.

ConnorShop Assistant

Connor joined us whilst completing his A levels and has been with us over two years now. Despite moving away to undertake an Engineering degree in Aerospace Technology he regularly comes home and works during the holidays for us, something we happily offered as we really didn't want to lose him. He's dynamic with a strong work ethic and a pleasure to have on the Team. Connor also has two cocker spaniels in the family home so he has experience with dogs too.

JessShop Assistant

Jess has recently joined us after working in a similar retail customer facing environment. She's keen to progress and develop a career for herself and is currently undergoing studies to further her education whilst working within TFM. Jess always has a smile, eager to please and has fitted in well here at TFM. We look forward to working with her in the years to come and develop her skills, knowledge and experience as part of Team TFM.

CoreyShop Assistant

Corey has joined us as a casual Shop Assistant on our Sunday Team but is frequently seen covering other shifts when he's not attending his course at Riseholme College. A keen rider, he's able to bring his knowledge and experience of horses with him to support him in his new role at TFM. Corey already knew several members of staff before starting here so he doesn't feel 'new' as he's slotted into the Team easily. We are really pleased to have him on board and looking forward to bringing him on within TFM in the years to come.

AnnabelShop Assistant

Annabel (photo to follow) joined us for work experience from Riseholme College and then when a Saturday job came up she quickly applied. As she'd already worked well on Work Experience it was an easy decision to make to bring her onto the Team in October 2023. The family have always shopped at TFM for their animals (horses and dogs) so she's familiar with TFM and many of the products already. Annabel is doing well and we look forward to bringing her on within the Team whilst she's still undergoing her further education.

DaveHire Supervisor

Dave runs our the TFM Hire team, taking bookings, sorting all the back office admin but if often found hands on handing kit over, supporting our mechanic on maintenance as well as carrying out deliveries on occasions too. He came to us from a background working with automotive parts with the aim that he uses his retail experience to support our hardware and parts offering within TFM. Dave hasn't been with us long but he's certainly made a very positive impression. By the time he had completed his probation he was promoted from Hire Assistant to Hire Supervisor and we can see him going further with us. A real worker with a fantastic slightly bonkers personality which means he fits in very well to Team TFM.