Expanding and Growing

We have an ever growing area for dog owners. It was expanded in November and will be expanded again before Autumn 2018.

Specialists in Nutrition, Raw Feeding, Harness Fitting, Parasite Control

We’ve now got 13 raw dog freezers on the premises (nine of which are customer display freezers), a wide variety of dry and wet dog food, treats, toys, harnesses, collars, leads, toys, first aid, puppy training products and so much more. We have a qualified dog nutritionist on site and staff trained to fit harnesses. TFM are licensed to prescribe wormers and flea treatments with qualified staff able to advise.

Has your dog got itchy skin, hot spots, chewing feet, ear problems, anal glands issues or a sensitive stomach? Or perhaps your dog trainer or behaviourist has suggested you look at your dogs diet? We aren’t vets nor will we attempt to be but we can talk you through some of the common triggers which maybe causing your dog issues. Pop in and see Nikki our qualified Dog Nutritionist for free advice. If you aren’t local she will even recommend a food which will help your dog which can be purchased locally to you.