Country Store Vermin and Insect Control

Struggling with flies, ants, wasps, lice or fleas?

We have treatments for all these with a wide selection for horse owners specifically!  Whether you have issues with ants in your home, wasps in the garden, ticks on your pet or fleas in your home.  We have a range of products suitable.


Rats, mice, moles invading your space?

We have mole traps, rat and mouse bait and bait boxes.  We sell baits suitable for home use as well as for farmers who are member of Red Tractor and those holding the Certificate of Competence for bait usage.  We also sell rat and mouse traps as well as rat cages.


Birds eating your crops?

We have a range of Porkek bird scarers including kites, bangers, rockets and spinning globes – currently at clearance prices!