Country Store HorsesWormers

We stock a wide range of worming products including worm count kits, natural wormers, weigh tapes as well as prescription wormers.  TFM is licensed and our staff are qualified to prescribe wormers. We are now also offering in store equine FWEC’s.

Did you know red worms encyst in the winter and aren’t picked up on worm counts also tapeworm counts aren’t reliable unless you use the saliva or blood tests?  Were you aware that you need to vary the active ingredient to give your horse the most effective worming regime?  Worm counting will always be recommended over worming however it’s important horse owners know how to get the best out of worm counting and prescription wormers.  Come and see us at TFM to get free advice on how to best worm or egg count your horse, pony or donkey.